Breakfast in Bed

by | May 23, 2020 | Food and Wine, News & Updates

Breakfast is one of the reasons many of our guests choose staying with us over other types of accommodation.  We know this is the time of day we can really spoil our guests, and Lionel prides himself with preparing from fresh, local produce.  The recent ‘Alert Levels’ have provided an opportunity to experiment with something new for our guests: breakfast in bed!

 “Why not offer the opportunity to enjoy breakfast in their rooms?” 

 ‘Social distancing’ is a term unheard of only a few brief months ago, however it’s now top of mind for many people traveling.  If you choose to stay at Moon Gate Villa, we want you to be comfortable, whilst still ensuring we offer best practise in room cleanliness, and the ability to ensure appropriate distancing between guests. So we thought: “Why not offer the opportunity to enjoy breakfast in their rooms?” There’s certainly ample space for a table for two, and for many it would be an indulgent delight.

Breakfast in our dining room is still an option for those that prefer a traditional sit down breakfast, to chat with us and take the opportunity to discuss ideas for how to spend your day.  The choice is yours, and we don’t even ask you to decide which you’d prefer until the evening before.  If you’re staying a few days, you can even try both!

Check out our specials page, then come and stay with us to enjoy your own ‘breakfast in bed’ experience.