Hints of spring

by | Aug 16, 2020 | News & Updates, Our Gardens, Walks & Scenery

As we near September and the days start getting longer, clear blue skies remind us that Spring is just around the corner. Piwakakwakas (fantails) dance on the lawns and scold us from their nests in the trees.

The little piwakawakas are constant companions to walkers in our gardens, and during spring the male performs extraordinary prances and fans its tail in attempt to impress the ladies.  By mid to late spring we will have perhaps dozens of nests throughout our trees and shrubs. To the delight of our cottage guests, a favourite spot each year is just outside their bathroom window!Piwakawaka

The hints of warmer weather is also a reminder for us to finish winter pruning.  Roses: done.  The 12 new crepe myrles trees we planted last summer will need a trim to ensure they form good structures.  We have had no frost this winter, so the hibiscus all look ready to sprout new growth for this year’s flowers.

We managed to fill up the back of Lionel’s little utility yesterday, and I suspect today’s tree and hibiscus pruning will fill it yet again.

Lionel fills our utility

We snapped a few early morning photos before we pulled on our wellington boots and started work – enjoy!


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