It’s a dog’s life..

by | Jul 18, 2020 | News & Updates

Staying at Moon Gate Villa with your dog

We often travel with our two dogs ourselves and we know it can be hard to find somewhere nice to stay – along with your fur baby. They deserve 5 star treament too!  We’re happy to announce that our cottage may be booked for a stay along with your 4-legged best friend.

  • They can sleep inside with you if that’s your preference, however the covered veranda can also be enclosed for them to sleep outside, and prevent straying overnight.
  • There’s ample room outside the cottage for an evening time stroll around the gardens.
  • The cottage is far enough away from the main villa not to create a fuss for our two in-house dogs.
  • We do not charge extra for your pet stay: we know that responsible owners will supervise their dogs. We do reserve the right to charge for any unreasonable damage.

The delightful animals who have shared Moon Gate with us since 2011

Left:  Pango.  Yes, Pango was named from the Maori word for ‘black’ and she had a quiet and mysterious demeanor.  She moved with us from Melbourne, and enjoyed several adventurous years in our gardens, then left us suddenly after an aneurysm .  We suspect all the gardens birds quietly rejoiced afterwards, but we still miss her terribly.

Centre: Whetu and Mojo. Whetu (left) is the family baby, and a rough griffon. Total boy behaviour, it’s just as well he’s cute. Mojo (right) however is smart, well behaved, very gentle and a favourite with guests. A lady in every way.

Bottom right:  Max (Maxine) is our regal (and old) Cornish Rex.  Her activites are restricted to daily security strolls every morning, followed by a nap. Many naps.

Top right:  Biglegs and Rocky were the two dogs we owned in Melbourne before we moved to Kerikeri.  Sadly Biglegs passed before we left, but Rocky spent many happy years at Moon Gate before she left us in 2018.  The hawke-eyed will spy Rocky in the villa doorway in one of our main web site photos.

Dog stays in our cottage

We welcome guests to book our cottage, along with their dog.  *Ask about our special cottage weekly rate for longer stays.

Some conditions do apply, so please contact us to talk about your dog before booking, so we are both comfortable booking your stay.  More information can be found at the Moon Gate Villa pet friendly accommodation page.

Sorry but we cannot accept bookings with pets in the main villa rooms.

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