Necessity is the Mother of Completion.

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Here at Moon Gate, Rob has been pottering away at an online version of our guest information compendium for longer than he cares to admit.  The move to ‘Alert Level 2’ and the additional room servicing requirements meant that we needed to think twice on how our guests use our room facilities.  Sanitising every page in our room information book didn’t seem like a great use of our time, and I’m pretty sure some of our guests may have been a little suspicious of them anyway.

So Rob was given the instruction that his little online compendium project needed to move from ‘work in progress’ to ‘done and dusted’ quick smart.  Nothing like a bit of ‘necessity being the mother of completion‘ – or something like.

‘Necessity is the Mother of Invention Completion.

The aim was to have a way for guests to browse accommodation and local information like a traditional compendium, but also to allow guests to instantly search and find that nugget that you need, like RIGHT NOW.  Example: the WiFi password, because you were watching the dogs playing in the gardens rather than paying attention to Lionel’s arrival speech.

We also wanted to expand on what was already there.  We’ve always had all our local restarants and cafe’s listed, but putting this online meant you could search by cuisine, and we could write a few lines of personal recommendations where needed.  It also means we can update and add to the content at any time – new attractions, the latest local ‘secret’ – without printing up new versions and replacing pages.

So it’s finally finished.  Guests simply scan a QR code or enter the page addresses from a little sign in their room to instantly connect, browse and search.   And it’s mobile responsive, so it looks great whether you travel with a laptop or smartphone.  The picture above shows you:

  • the ‘reception’ page were you can choose to search or browse guest information
  • a search for ‘restaurants’ results in a listing of all local places and
  • clicking a result show you full details, including a map, links to their web site, and instant dial phone number

And of course if you choose to leave the busy always-connected world behind, we are still always available for a chat and help in any way.  Oh! The old compendium now has only one page 🙂 – so much easier to keep spotless!


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