The gauntlet as been thrown down by both Travel Industry Aotearoa and Tourism New Zealand.

And we’ve picked up both. Moon Gate Villa is already a Qualmark New Zealand rated property; but we needed to strive for more improvements.

Both standards broadly ask us to take a hard look at how we achieve sustainability in four categories of our business performance, but perhaps more importantly on the pinciples on which we operate. The questions we need to ask ourselves are:

  •  How do we ensure that we conduct our guest accommodation, in way that is sustainable to the local and global environment?
  •  How can we contribute to the sustainability of our community? Both to its environment, and its economic and social well being?
  •  If we do both of these, how do we ensure the sustainability of ourselves as a business within the broader tourism industry?
  •  And perhaps the most challenging: how should be accomplish this, whilst maintaining and sustaining our cultural heritage; most importantly Te Tiriti?