Moon Gate Villa – virtual tours

Moon Gate Villa: The Villa Suites

This virtual video tour takes you from our front entrance, along cupid’s bow wall and into our atrium.  From here we pass the guest terrace and lounge before viewing the “Cupid’s Curl” and “Writer’s Retreat” suites.

From the guest room terrace, we view the tropical lagoon pool before finally viewing Moon Gate gardens and the Moon Gate pond and sculpture itself.

Moon Gate Villa:
Orchard Cottage & tropical gardens

Become a magical piwaiwaka and fly through our gardens, over the romantic garden swing and pergola and through the rooms and sunny veranda of our delightful little orchard cottage.

Moon Gate Villa by Night

At night our garden features subtle lighting vieable from the villa suites, guest lounge and terrace and across the gardens.  Not too bright! 

You can still enjoy the moon and stars in the country night sky.

Enjoy our night-time slide show.