Celebrate your special day at Moon Gate Villa

A villa built in the shape of Cupid’s bow, and gardens overflowing with blooms in all seasons? 

Moon Gate Villa offers elegant accommodation for a bridal or grooms party to stay during the wedding preparation, and of course the wedding night.

We can accommodate ‘pre wedding’ preparations, including hair and makeup, and our premium room with its huge bath, large mirrors and excellent lighting make it perfect for preparing on that special day.  On these occasions, we arrange for the villa to be booked exclusively for your party so you have the complete use of the villa rooms and guest lounge, terrace and gardens to prepare.

We vary our breakfast just for these occasion; offering grazing platters of fresh fruit, egg and bacon rolls, warm croissants and pots of fresh tea and coffee, so you can snack whilst getting ready. Our gardens make a delightful backdrop for both pre and post wedding photographs in complete privacy.

Small Weddings & Celebrations

Not only do our gardens make wonderful surrounds for photography, they provide the perfect ambience for an elegant, intimate event!

The villa dining, lounge and terrace areas can accommodate a group of around 30 people for cocktail party styled events.  A great idea is to have your ceremony and celebratory drinks in our gardens, with a more formal dining option at one of Kerikeri’s famous restaurants.  We recommend the local wineries that are within a few minutes away of Moon Gate Villa.

Whilst Moon Gate itself only accommodates up to 7 guests in 3 ensuite rooms, there are a number of quality motels within a few minutes walking distance of our property for family and guests.

Post Wedding Brunches? Why not!

For couples staying with us on the wedding day or night, we’d be happy to host all your family for a pre or post wedding breakfast/lunch.

Relax and enjoy a buffet style banquet with fresh fruits platters, traditional bacon and eggs and pancakes stacks with family and friends, before or after the big day.


Rainbow Weddings

Internationally famous for over 80 years as an incredible marine destination, GLBTI friendly Bay of Islands is an ideal location for that special ceremony.

If you’re thinking of travelling from overseas to make that special commitment in New Zealand, you’ll find it surprising easy to organise before your travels, with only a few formalities that need to be completed in the days leading up to the ceremony.  We’re happy to offer more information on this – just ask!

Create a memory at Moon Gate Villa